We Are New Mexico Voters First

NM Voters First is a movement of motivated individuals whose mission is to fundamentally change how we elect, district, and finance candidates so that all voters are represented all the time.


Did you know?

  • Forty-five percent of US voters now identify as Independent or Decline to State (DTS) voters, and this affiliation is growing faster than any other party membership in the United States. 
  • Independent and minor-party voters (who comprise nearly 25 percent of New Mexico's electorate) are ineligible to vote in our publicly funded primary elections.
    • By limiting primary participation to registered Democrats and Republicans, our closed-primary system disenfranchises over 300,000 voters.


In 2023... 

The NM Senate passed a Semi-open Primary bill with broad, bipartisan support, but the measure failed in the House. This year, we need YOUR help to bring change to New Mexico. Call your representatives today and tell them you support semi-open primaries for New Mexico and the open-primaries movement.

Benefits of semi-open primaries:

  • Greater voter voice: In a semi-open primary, DTS/Independent voters and minor party voters are able to choose which party's primary they want to participate in.
  • Greater voting access: Currently, 25% of New Mexicans registered as independents or minor party voters are not able to vote in our publicly-funded primary elections. Semi-open primaries would remove the unequitable burden of having to change voter registration in order to be able to vote in a primary. Instead, these voters could select a party's ballot at the primary. 
  • Increased competition: Semi-open primaries can encourage more competition within parties, as more voter participation will be enabled. This can lead to a wider range of viewpoints being represented and a more diverse group of candidates.
  • Higher turnout: Some research suggests that semi-open primary elections may lead to higher voter turnout, as more voters are able to participate in the primary process.
  • Greater influence for independents and minor party voters: In a semi-open primary, independent voters may have more influence on the outcome of the primary, as they are able to choose which party's primary to participate in. This can give them a greater voice in the political process.
  • Decreased political polarization: Some proponents of semi-open primaries argue that they can help to moderate the positions of candidates, as they may need to appeal to a wider range of voters in order to win the primary. States that have opened their primaries have seen a decrease in political polarization after making the change. Elected officials must then work on coalition-building and problem-solving to be seen as effective by the increased voting population, and can't just remain in place by pandering to one part of their electorate.

Want to learn more? 

Check out New Mexico Open Elections as a resource and review the open primaries issue page for a deeper dive.

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